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A New Site for an Old Passion...
My Career in Design has had many incarnations including the fashion industry, interiors, tabletop, floral and so forth.

I am inclined to think that the design bug is in my DNA. I constantly look at items and have built a small dinner party, bedroom, or an entire home around them. One small detail and I have created a visual story. Which brings life and character to whatever median I am in.

I hope you will find ideas that allow you to dream. Guidance that will give you the strength, and suggestions that encourage your own design projects.

                                    Anna Marie

News From the Farm...
             R. FUNNY FARM

R. Funny Farm is a dream that became a reality several years ago. I have always dreamed of a "story" book farm.. Well I tell my friends its a sous ear but its my sous ear...

The farm is a small parcel just minutes from my home, but once you drive up the lazy maple lined drive you are transcended in to "country life."

It was a modest, at best, country home with all its original charm. With that came all the original not so charming things as well.

I started little by little, but from the moment I walked in I had the farm finished, well, conceptually atleast LOL!

I have told many of clients my standard line." You will run out of money before I run out of ideas!" I learned quickly I was no exception to this.

My first and I will say most exciting purchase came early on a very chilly spring morning.The call we had long awaited . Chicks, all 32 of them had arrived.

Next , came the coop, now it is safe to say it was quite a bit pricier than the box the chicks were currently calling home. They quickly outgrew the box on the kitchen table and the big day had finally come. They were to move into the coop.

We anxiously awaited our first egg. One by one the eggs came. Some blue, some green and each one prettier than the last.

Now it was time, for us to begin feathering our nest.......

News from R. Funnyfarm Below

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